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The Man from Earth

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We watched The Man from Earth on Netflix DVD tonight after first hearing about it a few weeks ago, when the producer of the film thanked the P2P networks for the free publicity. The plot, more or less, is this: a man who has been alive since the late Paleolithic decides to reveal the truth about his long life to his colleagues on the night before he is set to once again retire and disappear. (It reminded me a little bit of Suzy McKee Charnas’s The Vampire Tapestry, still the best vampire novel that no one else has ever heard of—but it goes in a much different direction.)

Although nominally a science-fiction film, this is much more like a one-act play—aside from a handful of exterior shots, there is only one set, and all of the action is dialogue. There are no special effects and hardly any soundtrack. But despite or because of its simplicity I found it quite enjoyable, probably the best sci-fi film I’ve seen since the (also independent) Primer. Check it out (through legal channels if you can). It’s worth seeing. It won’t kill you.

Written by gerrycanavan

December 11, 2007 at 1:33 am

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