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Questions about F’ing Utopia

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My friend R. Vu bids adieu to Utopia. (Warning: he drops bombs. F-bombs.) I’ll probably write more about this later, but this:

So give up utopia, give up hope. Give up the gods, finally. What then? I submit the following declaration, appropriately vulgar:

We Are Fucked.

Fucked: there will not be flying cars and foie gras for everyone. Fucked: the revolution will always take place somewhere else. Fucked: even self-righteous victimhood is incoherent, because there is always someone more fucked than you, and your pet huddled masses. Fucked: death is unavoidable, and you are not going to heaven for ’saving’ future generations. They too are fucked. The ‘we,’ used without reservation, without respect to age, gender, nationality, or sexual orientation, unites us all.

reminds me of studies that show that merely mentioning death tends to make people more conservative, as well as the increasingly commonplace assertion that environmental pessimism makes people less likely to care about the environment. (If we be fucked, I guess people say, make the most of it.) Can there be a mass philosophy of “abject humility” that doesn’t reduce to “nasty and brutish”? Doesn’t the multitude need some Imaginary to believe in and work for, even if it’s endlessly denied and perpetually preempted?

Does Schopenhauerian resignation make people act like Schopenhauer?

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October 30, 2007 at 1:18 pm

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