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Superman and Strippers

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At Slate.

A stripper once told me that so many women in her line of work choose stage names with two “L”s—Lulu, Lily, Lola—because saying them makes you tap your tongue up and down in a licklike way. (It happens that my conversation partner was Elisabeth Eaves, a Slate contributor and the author of a memoir titled Bare, but all that matters here is that she was Leila, plain Leila, in the peep-show booth.) This factoid must have some implications for the women we share with the Man of Steel—Linda Lee, aka Supergirl; Lana Lang, Superman’s main squeeze back in Smallville; Lori Lemaris, a mermaid he was sweet on at Metropolis University; and, of course, Lois Lane, girl reporter. Those licks smuggle a hint of lasciviousness into Superman’s all-American story. What about Lex Luthor, you ask? That a superhero’s archrival should resemble his love interest is just one of those Freudian twists that makes great comic books pop. Among the charms of Lois Lane—always a tough dame and yet forever a damsel in distress—is the elegant way she reflects Superman’s kinks and its ideas of womanhood.

(Thanks to Jacob B. Yesterday’s Dial B for Blog was all about the L.L. phenomenon as well.)

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June 29, 2006 at 3:35 pm

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