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Quantum Immortality

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Does quantum mechanics prove that we can never die? More here.

I’ve been working on a theory like this for most of my conscious life, involving time and memory as well as continuity of consciousness. (The short version: Consciousness requires the passage of time, ie, I am only aware at moment x because I’m aware of moment x at moment x+1. How then can consciousness ever reach its end? The last moment would not be experienced because there would no conscious mind afterwards to remember it. And so the second-to-last moment wouldn’t be experienced either. And so on with every previous moment, back to the beginning. If we’re ever conscious, we must be conscious forever. I almost fully believe this, which is the sole consolation I have in my godless world.) Before tonight, I’d never seen any indication that this theory made any actual sense.

So I’m gratified, at least.

Written by gerrycanavan

August 31, 2005 at 4:00 am

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