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Commie Star Trek

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All about Kosmicheskaya Militsiya, a Soviet knock-off of Star Trek from the late ’60s.

Perhaps one of the weirdest borrowings from Star Trek has Dobraydushev and a reanimated Peter the Great challenging holographic supervillains Adolf Hitler and John D. Rockefeller in a chess tournament—to the death!

The one episode that left me completely baffled involves a planet where kimono-clad humanoids relax while robot “slaves” do all the work. Dobraydushev scolds the kimono people for not treating their mechanical servants as social equals—comrades,” in his words—and eventually convinces both sides to unite in fraternal harmony. I hadn’t a clue about this one—until I learned this fun fact: the Red Army used to award medals for bravery to tanks and airplanes. Hey, machines are people, too, even if Jews and Uzbeks aren’t.

(Via Gravity Lens)

Written by gerrycanavan

February 10, 2005 at 5:46 pm

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