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We Didn’t Land On Schoolhouse Rock, Schoolhouse Rock Landed On Us

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Via Boing Boing comes Pirates and Emperors, a brilliantly executed, clever homage to Schoolhouse Rock that takes on the excruciatingly current issue of American imperialism and dark dealings abroad.

…’Cause there are Pirates and Emperors, but they’re really the same thing, when they go and try to reach the same ends by using the same means. Well, they do it big or they do it small, from a little tiny boat or from the hallowed halls. Bully is as bully does, that’s plain to see…

Cue the Contras; cue the CIA’s relationship with Noriega, bin Laden, and Hussein; cue Abu Ghraib; cue the War on Terror and the War on Ducks. Like I said, it’s very well done.

Despite what most Americans (including, sadly, our President) believe, our foreign policy, past and present, isn’t all hugs and puppies.

Written by gerrycanavan

October 15, 2004 at 5:53 pm

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